SSC U.S. Percent Test Terms

Updated on May 1, 2019

Super Savers Club® Test Program – United States

Savers is currently conducting a test of a new Super Savers Club® points program in the locations listed below, from June 20 to December 2, 2018 extended to June 2, 2019. 

SSC members who shop at participating Savers, Value Village or Unique stores during the test will earn points and rewards under the test program.

  • Earn one point for every eligible dollar spent
  • When 100 points are earned, they are automatically converted into a 20% off Reward redeemable on a future purchase of up to $30
  • Points remain valid for 24 months from the date of your last purchase
  • Rewards expire 90 days from the date they are earned
  • No limit to the number of Rewards that can be earned
  • View your current points balance at the bottom of your receipt
  • Special birthday coupon. *

Points earned during this test program may not be combined with points earned in other  Super Savers Club® programs , and rewards may only be redeemed in stores participating in the program under which the points were earned. Multiple Rewards may be redeemed consecutively in a single qualifying purchase. Rewards earned during the Super Savers Club® test program may not be combined with any other discount or offer and may not be used on new merchandise (red tags) or purchases of gift cards. Points are not earned on purchases using a Super Savers Club® test reward or on purchases of gift cards.

This Super Savers Club® test program ends on December 2, 2018 June 2, 2019.  Rewards earned in the test program on or before December 2, 2018 June 2, 2019 will remain valid for 90 days from the date earned.  Any points remaining unredeemed at that date will be transferred to a new points program. 

* In addition, as our birthday gift to you, a special birthday coupon of 20% off of your purchase of up to $50 , redeemable once during the month of your birthday, will be emailed to you provided your birthdate and a valid email address is available in your account profile prior to your birthday. .  If you have not provided your birthdate and wish to receive your special birthday coupon during the month of your birthday, follow this link to update your account or see a manager in your local store.

These terms supplement the Super Savers Club Card® and Super Savers Club® Program Terms. Click here for Program Terms.

Stores in the following areas are participating in this test program

  • Avondale, Arizona 
  • Chandler, Arizona
  • Mesa, Arizona 
  • Peoria, Arizona 
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Fairview Heights, Illinois 
  • Markham, Illinois
  • Crestwood, Missouri 
  • Ellisville, Missouri 
  • St. Charles, Missouri
  • Reno, Nevada
  • Sparks, Nevada 
  • Commack, New York 
  • Holbrook, New York
  • Medford, New York 
  • West Hempstead, New York
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio