The State of Reuse

Nearly half of North Americans (46 percent) say they have “way too much stuff”—an increase
of four percentage points in just one year. To uncover potential solutions to the problem of
textile waste, we commissioned the second annual State of Reuse Report to examine
perceptions around clothing consumption and reuse. Check out our infographic and click 
through to the full report to learn what the report helped to uncover.

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The world now consumes more than 80 billion pieces of new clothing each year, with more and more ending up in landfills.

Last year, Savers commissioned the inaugural State of Reuse Report to examine perceptions about clothing consumption and reuse. Given the average North American threw away 81 pounds of clothing last year alone (95 percent of which can be reused or recycled), the 2016 report looked at why people were throwing out their unneeded clothing instead of reusing it. The key findings showed that people do not full understand the environmental impact of their clothing and demonstrated the need for more education.

Building on these findings, this year, we set out to further examine what people do with all of their “stuff” and their perceptions around how reusing clothing and household goods can help their local communities. Our 2017 State of Reuse Report found that our throw-away mentality has created a cycle of missed opportunities.

Our annual State of Reuse Report aims to shed light on these important issues, provide more clarity on misperceptions and suggest ways we can all ‘give a sh!rt’ about our clothing footprint.

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