Halloween Costumes for Men


Featured Men’s Halloween Costumes

Looking for creative DIY Halloween costumes for men? Savers has an extensive selection of male Halloween costumes and plenty of DIY inspiration. Just scroll through the costumes ideas and we’re sure you’ll find a male Halloween costume that will help you accomplish the look you’re going for this year.

Want to relive your old glory days? Then you’ll love rocking out in this 80s-inspired Halloween costume. You can revisit your favorite 80s trends - the crazy hairstyles, the combat boots and, of course, the extremely loud clothing.

Want to channel your inner swashbuckler? Well then, “Ahoy, matey!” Savers has a great selection of pirate costumes. But fair warning, these costumes aren't for landlubbers or scallywags, you’ll need to bring your best buccaneer game to pull off these looks.

How about going as a dashing vampire? We know it’s been a few years since a Twilight movie came out but we’re talking about Halloween, the one time of the year when vampires will never go out of style. Scary, dashing, mysterious - these Count Dracula costumes have all the looks you could want this Halloween.

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