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Halloween Costume Accessories

Whether you’re looking to put the finishing touches on your Halloween costume, add some spooky decorations around the house for your big All Hallows’ Eve party or just spread the Halloween spirit around the office, Savers has the accessories you need.

Head to your local Savers location to browse our huge selection of spooky Halloween costume accessories.

Adding the perfect accessories can transform an average Halloween outfit into a sensational costume. Really, can you even call something a costume without the accessories? Think about it - a Superman costume without the cape is just pajamas, a witch costume without the broom is just a Mary Poppins getup sans umbrella and a Jedi costume without the lightsaber is just a goofy-looking bathrobe.

If you’re going all out for Halloween, make sure you go all the way by complementing your costume with the right accessories. Whether you’re going as a spooky vampire, a gruesome zombie, a ghastly witch or something a little more pleasant for Halloween this year, Savers has you covered from head to toe with an expansive selection of costume accessories.


Hats and Head Accessories
Looking for a pointy hat to top off your witch costume? A derby to pull off an ole timey look? Or a crown to give your costume a royal makeover? Whatever accessories you need to cap off your Halloween costume this year, Savers has you covered.

Halloween Costume Wigs
If you want to take the method actor approach and really get into character this year, you could cut your hair specifically for your costume. But, if that sounds like a harebrained idea to you and you want to opt for a less permanent solution, just head to Savers to find the perfect wig for your costume.

Halloween Masks
Masks have always played a significant role in dressing up for Halloween. And, thanks to horror movie series like Scream, Halloween and Jason, masks are now almost synonymous with many of the most popular scary Halloween costumes. If you want to really spook your friends this Halloween, head to Savers or browse our selection of Halloween masks.

Halloween Props
From toy weapons like swords, tridents and scythes to more innocent accessories like capes, wings and fans, Savers has all the props you need to perfect your Halloween costume this year. And, if you’re looking to add a little bling to your Halloween costume, we also have jewelry like necklaces, bracelets and tiaras.

Halloween Footwear
Whether it’s cowboy boots to spur your wild west costume, high heels to make you a shoe-in for your glamorous movie star apparel or cleats to kick off your soccer uniform, Savers has the a wide variety of preloved footwear you need for your Halloween costume this year.

And, since some costumes need more footwear than just the right pair of shoes, we also carry socks for your Halloween costumes. Socks may fly under the radar but they can be an essential component to the both spookiest and goofiest costumes.

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