Galactic Space Alien Girl

Brand New

From a galaxy far, far away comes this galactic space alien girl Halloween costume kit complete with antennae head piece, alien eye glasses, earrings, and oversized slip-on hands, of course. Combine new + thrifty to make her earthly visit an interplanetary success. Shop in store for the wig of all alien wigs. (All aliens are bald don’tcha know ;)

Alien kit includes: antennae headpiece, alien eye glasses, earrings, and oversized alien glove hands
Bright fuchsia wig
Opalescent dress (exclusive)
Ballet slippers

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Girl in galactic space alien costume with fuchsia colored wig, alien eyeglasses, antennae head piece, opalescent dress and ballet flats, alien earrings, and oversized alien glove hands.

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