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A Message for our Team Members, Customers and Communities:
As we reflect on the importance of Juneteenth today, as well as National Indigenous People Day in Canada on June 21, we’re listening, learning and committed to supporting equality for all. 
Like so many of you, I am sickened by the recent acts of racial injustice in our country. It has been an extraordinarily painful moment for our nation. To our friends and team members in Canada and Australia, I recognize these are universal issues that profoundly impact you and your communities as well.
Now is a time to come together, to support and listen to one another with care and empathy, and to find common ground to improve our communities and be part of the solution. As countries and as individuals, we can do better. I also believe that companies have an important role and responsibility to further a dialogue that leads to greater understanding and action.
The Savers team is committed to accelerating our plans for formal training and education on racial equity, unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion. We will encourage open and honest discussions among our team members, that will lead to meaningful initiatives in support of the change we want to see in the communities where we live and work.   
On behalf of our leadership team, we welcome your insights, feedback and thoughts on how together, we can create a better and more inclusive future. 
Be safe, be well and be kind. Believe in the goodness of others.
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Mark Walsh