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Retail Operations

There are so many opportunities on the retail operations team including positions on the sales floor, in the community donation center, in the backroom, at the loading dock, management and much more. Retail moves at a lightning fast pace, so every person is seen and treated as an integral part of this highly results focused team. With the majority of promotions happening from within, careers in this department are always on upward trajectories. And from a culture standpoint, the satisfaction is unmatched. Team members are like family to each other, working hard and laughing even harder.


Momentum and growth are something we see in our numbers and our “numbers people.” You’ll instantly feel like you’re making a difference in this department. A big part of that is because we’re large enough to be a complex enterprise yet small enough where you can make an impact. And since careers here let you experience a holistic view of the company, it’s out with the repetitive tasks and in with the nimble thinking.

Human Resources

Personnel and paper pushing? Hardly. Around here, you’ll fill your days doing things like building the enterprise and setting the course for the future of the company. You’ll be seen as a strategic partner in charge of helping every department achieve its goals and every team member fulfill their potential. Best of all, you’ll never stop learning or having a noticeable impact on company performance.

Information Technology

You’re the brains of the operation, not the geeks. And you won’t find yourself fixing paper jams and implementing software. Instead, you’ll be addressing real company challenges from beginning to end — creating applications, tailoring database management, refining systems. And all in a way that makes an impact companywide.


Professionals in this department spend their days brainstorming, writing, designing, strategizing, responding and crafting ways to make a statement and a difference. We’re helping support hundreds of nonprofit partners, so your job is to spread the word in a way that educates and engages. If you’re interested in being the voice and brand of an entire company where creativity and collaboration rule, you’ll find fulfillment in large supply.


Math meets art meets customer relations. Your job in merchandising is to wow the shoppers who visit our stores 60+ times a year with unique items they can’t find anywhere else. To do that, you have to think like a customer. From creating engaging spaces that welcome both the shoppers and the 10,000 items arriving every day, to staying up on trends and tweaking pricing, you decide what, when, where and how to showcase the best.


Real Estate

Our Real Estate and Store Development teams are the growth engine that brings our power of reuse message to new markets. They bring a shopper and donor centric approach to creating exciting shopping environments and convenient community donation centers. The team of real estate professionals, store planners, construction and facility managers, along with skilled purchasing agents ensure that we continue to fuel the long term growth of the company. 

Supply Chain

This department comprises two areas of the company: merchandise acquisition and recycling. In both cases, you play an integral role in helping others while experiencing how we elevate the lives of others through our nonprofit partnerships. Whether you’re at a call center working with folks directly benefited by us or in charge of recycling goods to fund emerging economies, positions here hold the highest sense of purpose.