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Thank you for visiting the "suggest a store site" portion of our webpage. We have an incredibly loyal customer base and appreciate that many of you travel significant distances to get to your closest Savers/Value Village. Some of you have had to move to new cities and have told us there are no stores near you. If you think your city or a city near you would be a great location to have a Savers or Value Village, here are some guidelines for letting us know:

  • Real estate criteria: The sites should be approximately 20,000 to 30,000 square feet of real estate space and should be in a well traveled retail shopping area.

  • Site Specific: We know you would love to have a store in your city or area, but what we really need are specific locations with addresses (or cross streets), and contact information that you would find on a "For Lease" sign.
For example, if you know of a building that is either currently empty or will be empty in the near future, please fill out the information form below and submit to our New Store Planning Department to check it out.

Site Address I*:  
Site Address II:
Zip/Postal Code:
(if known)
Leasing Company Name*:
Leasing Company Contact Name*:
Leasing Company Contact Phone/Email*:
*Fields requested above are required. Often, there is information available on "for lease or rent" signs in the store window. We can not look at submissions that do not include this information. Please do not include your personal information.

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