Dolls of the Living Dead


You Will Need:
From Savers/Value Village
• A selection of fashion dolls; dolls with blonde hair work best for this project.

Other supplies:
• White spray paint
• Fine-tipped black permanent marker
• Self sticking gauze (optional)
• Dolls stands (optional)

1) Clean undressed dolls with a damp cloth and allow to dry.
2) Spray several light coats of white spray paint all over the dolls, including light coats in their hair. Allow drying time between coats.
3) With the black fine-tipped permanet marker, decorate the faces. This can include dark lips, lining around the eye, eyebrows and more - use your imagination!
4) Use your fingers to tease, matte and style the dolls' hair into the desired shape. The spray paint will make it stick up and stay in place.
5) For a little zombie fashion action, you may opt to wrap each doll with gauze. 

6) Place dolls in groups either in doll stands or in a seated position. 


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